DJ Synergy taught himself to mix in 1992 after hearing some rave tapes that a college friend gave to him. Prior to that he liked listening to artists such as Adamski, L.F.O, 808 State and various other dance acts. His friend thought he'd like rave music so he gave him a few tapes - Carl Cox, Top Buzz & Grooverider. He was right, and Paul was soon asking how these tapes were made. After hearing his friends explanation he decided to save up for some Technics 1210s and a mixer. He soon picked up the basics of beat matching and using the mixer and started to grow in confidence. At the same time he was going out clubbing with friends and he'd often return from a heavy night out with various vinyl releases written up his arms!! About 6 months later he'd met enough other local up and coming DJs to get together and create a pirate radio station, called Sub Zero FM. His weekends were spent juggling between clubbing and doing the station. Fast forward to today and he is mainly heard playing Drum & Bass, and more recently, Minimal Tech/House. His motto is, "If it's got beats and bass, I can mix it."


About DJ Synergy